Transit Spectra Episode 2 – Artist Interview with Isabelle Desjeux

On our second episode of Transit Spectra we interview Isabelle Desjeux, a Singapore-based artist who used to work as a molecular biologist. Her artistic practice involves multimedia installation alongside performance and audience participation, exploring science, the culture of science and how knowledge is acquired. She talks here about the importance of revealing a scientific process made of trial and error which gets rarely ever spoken about. Ellie, our resident scientist, could deeply relate.

And as the themes of Transit Spectra stretch, change and re-define themselves as we go along, the idea of error and process has been a very welcome one to hear from both a scientific and human perspective (and as Isabelle so eloquently says in the episode, science is a subjective process in itself). You can find out more about the projects Isabelle talks about on her blog, including this very insightful post on a project she discusses with us, “Heavealogy”!

Isabelle on the set of the performative lecture she delivered in the context of the installation “HOW TO STUDY A RUBBER SEED”, part of Open House! Emerald Hill, March 2018

We were talking about Judith Halberstam’s Queer Art of Failure (and not Art of Queer Failure as cited in the episode…! But after all, this is an episode about failure, so it seemed fitting I would get the name wrong.). If you are interested in discovering more about the relationship between queerness, failure and experimentation, you can find it here!


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